To Rom og Kjøkken opened the doors in 2005, and has from the start focused on local ingredients and producers. The menu always offers dishes based on Trøndelag's best ingredients. 

Trøndelag has a multitude of fish, shellfish and seafood, as well as wonderful producers of meat, vegetables and berries.

We are inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine and prepare the food so that good ingredients are even better, while retaining their distinctive character.  

Our menu follows the different seasons through the year, so that you at all times get fresh products at its best. We have good local partners who give us access to agricultural products, seafood, game, mushrooms and berries of very good quality. 

The Trøndelag region is the largest and most important for food production in Norway and we want to contribute to making Trøndelag as a food region better known.

The whole house was renovated in 2015, with focus on nice atmosphere, warm colors, good materials as well as good acoustics.

We have private dining rooms on the first floor which are suitable for groups of 10 - 90 people. Flexible solutions for dividing separate rooms and is therefore suitable for birthdays, other celebrations, Ph.D dinners, business dinners, food courses and wine courses and other groups that would like to sit seperate from other guests.

Our events, wine courses and foodare in Norwegian, for English events you have to make an appointment.


We offers catering of our buffet menu "A taste of Trøndelag". We also supply other catering buffets on request - whether you fancy tapas, fish and seafood or something else. If you would like a 3-12 course menu, one of our chefs can come with everything and cook at your kitchen or on the grill, so you can enjoy the meal with your guests.

Send an e-mail for menu suggestions and prices.

Download "A taste of Trøndelag"


We have private dining rooms on the first floor which are suitable for groips of 10-90 people. Flexible solutions for dividing separate rooms and therefor perfect for birthdays, othere celebrations, Ph.D dinners, business dinners, food courses, wine courses and other groups that would like to sit separate from other guests. "Chambre Separée" can cover 10-16, "Kitchen" 10 + 13 or a total of 26, and the "Wine room" is perfect for about 20 on two tables or maximum 46 in one party.

All parties must pre-order a set menu, and you can make your own or choose one of the chef's menus.

2etg_rom5-min (1).jpg

Chambre Separée

2etg_roms_hovedrom2-min (1).jpg


2etg_roms_hovedrom5-min (1).jpg

Wine room


We have access to different other locations, where we can offer catering for such as weddings, confirmations, birtdays, other celebrations or just a party for freinds and colleagues. 

 Erkebispegården, Kongsgårdsgata 1 b

For more than 800 years the Archbishop's Palace have been venue for important decisions and magnificent celebrations. If you want to rent one of the halls or rooms here, this must be agreed directly with Nidaros Cathedrals office. We supply all organizing, serving, food, drinks and cleaning for your party.


Huitfeldt Stuer, Kjøpmannsgata 14

Suiteble for parties from 20 to 80 people and for the finer dinners like anniversaries, public defense and business dinners. The landlord is Koteng Eiendom, but we take care of everything for your party.


E.C.Dahls Pub og Kjøkken, Strandveien 71

In the ground floor you'll find the pub, restaurant and the outdoor terrace in the backyard. On the first floor there is several rooms for private dining and we can seat for 12 to 160 guests in total.

You can find more info, menus and do your booking on the website:


Tapperiet paa Dahls, Standveien 71

«Tapperihallen paa Dahls» is a rough industrial location close to the brewery. This location is perfect for the big events, from 200 to 2000 people and can be decorated and styled with scene and lights to match your kind of party.