Food courses

The kitchen in our second floor has a workbench where we can have food courses for up to 12 people. Everyone gets control over his own cutting board, chef's knife and apron, and helps to cook the food. The course takes about three hours, and the participants is to enjoy the menu afterwards. It is possible to invite guests to the meal. We have various food courses focusing on different things for each course. If you have not been on a course with us before we recommend the " Generelt".

Theme course on food

Our themed courses are especially suitable if you want to learn more about specific issues, for exsample mushrooms and wildlife, desserts, sauces, fish, meat etc. These thematic classes are set up based on season and availability of ingredients. Participants will receive recipes by course.

Dates of courses can you find on our Norwegian site.

We reserve the policy to cancel or move the course if too few participants or any unforeseen things. We do also set new dates for courses as the individual becomes fully booked. In total there are room for 12 people on each food course, and update will be posted on an ongoing basis , with the number of seats on the various courses . We often have waiting list on the full courses and it is therefore important that you notify us if you still can not come to the course you have reserved.

Theme courses

Other courses can be for example dessert , fish and shellfish, sauce and dressing , and more. These courses have focuse on the various topics and are good alternative if you have been to level 1 or want to go more in depth about these themes . After the course , we serve a 3-course menu customized theme. The course including the menu costs 1400 nok per person. Drinks are not included, but we have a custom wine package for 445 nok for those who wants this. For any guests ar the dinner, menu costs 545 nok and drinks are additional.

Registration all food courses

It is room for 12 people at our food courses. Registration can be done by the contact form . We have a binding registration at our courses , and the cancellation of food courses later than 7 days before the course date must be paid in full. Any guests to these dinners must be booked no later than four days before. We reserve the relocation or cancellation policy of course if there are too few participants.

Private food courses

Are you a larger group, we organize special courses for private parties for a minimum of 8 people. Contact us to find a date.

Gift cards

You can also pay the food course with a gift card. Please contact us if any questions.

"Show and tell"

For 12 people or more, we can arrange food courses after the method "show & tell" where you get to see , learn and taste . The course takes about 45 minutes and the price is 295 nok per person (minimum 3540 nok ) . Menu and drinks are additional.