Want to eat tapas in Trondheim? We let you enjoy local food based on fresh ingredients from local producers.
For stand up dinner parties the menu can be customized and setup in a buffet style that is easier to eat with only a fork.

"Because you deserve it "

If your prefer a set menu for your party a chef provided by us will be present and cook in your kitchen. For larger parties it is a good idea to book a waiter or two as well, so you can just relax and enjoy the meal with your colleagues, family or friends. Hiring a chef for this type of catering costs a minimum of NOK 4500. Waitors and more chefs if needed costs NOK 495,- pr hour. Please contact us for more information.

Catering menu

We like to serve our classic tapas menu, which you see described below. We also supply other catering buffets on request - whether you fancy tapas , fish and seafood or something else.

To rom og kjøkken always has a catering menu based on the best ingredients from local producers in Norway , whether it is tapas catering or other food. Our region is the largest and most important in food production in Norway , and we have an abundant supply of fish, shellfish and seafood, meat and other agricultural products of very good quality.

Tasty tapas menu with fresh, local commodity

Want to eat tapas in Trondheim, we let you enjoy local food based on fresh ingredients from local producers . We are inspired by the Mediterranean kitchen as we seek to prepare good ingredients to make them even better , while retaining their individuality . Our catering is based on the best Norway has to offer.

Below is our classic tapas menu . For larger companies where there is not necessarily "sit down" , this menu can be customized so that it can be eaten alone , and only with a fork!