Other courses

In addition to our popular food courses, wine courses and beer courses, we have in our restaurant and banquet facilities also a number of other courses. We are passionate about good food and drink, and we are happy to share our passion with you.

Spirits courses

You can choose the subject you want to learn more about, and the subject of spirits course can be Cognac , Whisky , Aquavit etc.. You will learn about the history of the product you have chosen, production, tasting, country, districts, etc.

Cocktail courses

At a cocktail course we go through six different cocktails and learn about the different flavors and compositions .

At a cocktail course all participants get to taste the first 5 cocktails we make, before the course ends with a cocktail each, a cocktail that is simultaneously as a nice aperitif before the meal.

Private courses

In our facilities, we also arrange private courses for closed groups of minimum 10 people. You choose what theme you want to learn more about. The courses take approximately one hour , costs 295 nok per person and requires that you eat with us afterwards. Menu and drinks are then optional.